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Treatments For Visual Dyslexia & Irlen Syndrome in Loughborough 

Visual Stress Assessment Fees

For Children under 16 & Full Time students under 19 in the UK, we provide a free 30 minute consultation with their NHS eye examination. For those not entitled to NHS eye care we make an initial charge of £35 to include a standard eye examination.

Should a patient then require further investigation, an additional 1 hour appointment will be scheduled at a charge of £70.

In this appointment, a series of specialist tests investigating binocular stability, eye co ordination, fixation disparity, eye tracking, ocular dominance, fusional reserves, rates of reading, overlay testing & colorimetry will be performed and then specific recommendations made and advice given.

In some situations an individual may only require one specific test (in the case of follow up appointments etc) - in these situations tests for binocular stability & tracking, overlay & rate of reading tests and colorimetry are charged individualy at £35 per consultation.

Treatments For Visual Dyslexia

Treatment of Visual Stress, Visual Dyslexia or Mears-Irlen Syndrome will include the use of coloured overlays and or the prescribing of precision lenses with or without an additional prescription to correct any binocular instability or refractive error. It may aslo include the treatment of eye-tracking problems (binocular instability)

A substantial percentage (up to 40%) of people with learning difficulties can have associated symptoms of visual stress that can be significantly reduced by optimisation of the entire visual system (the pathways from the eye to the visual cortex), the correction of binocular instability & the appropriate use of coloured overlays and precision lenses.

Over sensitivity /exertion of part or the entirety of visual system and over stimulation of part of the visual cortex are believed to be major factors underlying the causes of visual stress. The treatment methodology described above has been tried and tested & found to be hugely successful for a number of years. This is confirmed by evidence based research by the Medical Council (UK) & validated by the British Dyslexia Association (BDA).

Eye-Physio Treatment For Eye-Tracking

Others who suffer from Visual Stress may just require simple exercises that with guidance can be done at home involving regular orthoptic treatment and other specific "eye physio" methods (using aspects of Behavioural Optometry, Sports Vision Techniques & Vision Therapy) - these treatments and exercises are designed to improve ocular-motor skills, balance, hand-eye co ordination, eye tracking, fusional reserves (the ability of the eyes to perform optimally in visually stressfully situations such as reading under pressure in exams, driving at night, working on VDU's etc) and others that involve cerebellar stimulation & improving connections between the right and left hemispheres in the brain.

The exercises regime needs to be carried out every day for approximately 20 minutes typically for 6 to 9 months & followed up with progress visits to ourselves every 3 months. The "eye physio" programme cost varies depending on symptoms & findings, but typically starts from £11.95 per month. These eye excercises are particularly useful in cases of Dyspraxia

Newer Treatments For Visual Dyslexia

In some cases, clients may not respond postively to colour and a new generation of 'smart lenses' have shown promising results that we now prescribe with confidence.

One clear lens, uses 'honeycomb pinhole technology' that controls the direction of light entering the eye and has been found to increase rates of reading and at the same time reduce eye fatigue, migraines and headaches.

Another works by blocking blue light and by doing so improves reading rates, sore eyes, neck strain and headaches. Its even been found improves sleep patterns particularly when individuals work with digital devices or under fluorescent and LED lights. The lens works by reducing pattern glare - something very disturbing to those with Visual Stress and Visual Dyslexia.

Visual Dyslexia Reports.

We can prepare a report that can be used for the benefit of the patient for their GP, at school, college, work or university or for an Educational Psychologist. In some circumstances, we also find no specialist treatment is required and in other cases recommend referral to another field of specialism - the report will include these scenarios.

If a patient is coming from a distance or from abroad, then arrangements can be made to carry out all the consultations in one visit - please call us on 44 (1509) 414151 or email us your details & circumstances, we will always try and accommodate your requirements. In some cases as we also like to send you a questionnaire to complete before your appointment.

Please note: We cannot make the formal diagnoses of Dyslexia or another Specific learning difficulty (Spld) - this is the job of an Educational Psychologist - though we can refer you to one. Not all individuals who have Dyslexia, Dyspraxia or ASD's have associated visual stress or learning difficulties - we will of course discuss this with you in more detail in your initial consultation. To find out if you or your child has symptoms of dyslexia, one of our patients has created a very useful video we strongly recommed that you watch. Symptoms of dyslexia

University Students and financial help

Disability Students’ allowance (DSA) provide extra financial help for certain students at university. You may get DSAs if you have a disability, ongoing health condition, mental-health condition or specific learning difficulty such as dyslexia. Find out what’s available and how to apply.

Full time students under 19 do get get help towards NHS eye tests and glasses that can help towards the cost of coloured glasses for visual stress and visual dyslexia. Full time students over the age of 19 may still be able to apply for some help towards the cost of eye tests and glasses by completing an HC2 form available at most opticians, pharmacies and post offices. For more information click here.

Resources for Visual Stress & Dyslexia

Visual Answers provide high quality resources for Dyslexia and Visual Stress at cost prices for schools and teachers including:

Coloured A4 overlays

"Classroom Set" of 30: five most popular colours for teachers

9 aqua blue, 9 yellow, 4 grass green, 4 pink, 4 Sky

ONLY £44.99 + VAT

Coloured Reading Rulers

Plain Window Mixed Colour Packs: 30

Class Pack of 30: five most popular colours

9 aqua, 9 yellow, 4 grass , 4 pink, 4 Sky

ONLY £24.99 + VAT

Tinted Excercise Books

Tinted exercise books are just the right size: they don't stand out as different in the pile of books.

48 pp , 10 mm or 15 mm ruled, and 7.5mm or 10 mm grid.

Colours available: Yellow, Aqua, Sky blue, Grass Green, Pink, Purple, Cream Orange

1 - 9 books £1.59 ea + VAT

10 - 199 books £1.49 ea + VAT

200 books or more £1.29 ea + VAT

Visual Stress Assessment Kits for schools and SEN teachers

The pack is written and designed for ease of use by non-specialists, and includes everything necessary to carry out a thorough assessment.


Two sets of 10 (A5) overlays in sturdy punched zip pockets

Testing pages for reading ability in two font styles and eight font sizes

Full easy to follow assessment instruction manual

Information on Visual Stress symptoms and treatment

Photocopiable recording sheets

Templates for letters to parents and employers

Bibliography and web links

Sturdy D-ring presentation binder


All prices exclude Delivery Postage & Packing

Call us or email with your precise requirements.

On Site Consultancy

Mohammed Bhojani provides consultancy and presenatations to schools and other organisations with regards to Visual Stress, Visual Ergonomics, Visual Optimisation of the work environment including colour/tint optimisation of workstations and VDU screens.

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