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Meares Irlen Syndrome and Visual Stress Help

A blog on my new coloured glasses to correct visual stress and visual dyslexia related to autism. Professor John Stein

More On the Effect Of Our Treatment For Visual Dyslexia and Coloured Glasses for The Treatment Of Meares-Irlen Syndrome

"So I had a test done today at Visual Answers for specially tinted lenses as I was having issues with getting a lot of migraines when reading and have always struggled with reading off of white paper due to glare.

It turns out that I had more going on than I realised, my whole life I’ve been struggling to read because of the way words look on certain colour backgrounds to me. I had no idea how much this really impacted me and that what I saw wasn’t normal until today - I now know I have scotopic sensitivity syndrome or Irlen Syndrome.

I feel awful because I’ve forgotten the name of the lovely lady who did my test but she was so kind and patient! It was quite difficult doing the test and trying to work out which colour filters would be best for me, after a little while it was causing my head to hurt and the words/letters only got more difficult to see. She reassured me when this happened and encouraged me to take breaks. She also took the time to go back over one of the tests just to ensure I did have the right colours and explained how to change settings/download apps so that I could change the colour of my phone and laptop screens. I believe she did more than was needed to do her job which I really appreciate.Everyone I spoke to was very friendly and made me feel comfortable.’m really excited to get my glasses once they’re ready and I’m super grateful to everyone who helped me today, I couldn’t recommend this place enough!Apologies for waffling on in this review but I wanted to express my gratitude and help others to decide whether they’d like to go here!"

Casey Armstrong 05/12/2020

"Very interesting dyslexia test with my daughter today. The staff at Visual Answers Opticians are all knowledgeable about Dyslexia and Irlen Syndrome. They are always polite and friendly too. A thoroughly productive and positive experience. Would definitely recommend the whole team".

Request to remain anonymous  Oct/12/2020

"I have been using Visual Answers for just over 4 yrs. I contacted them in regards of having colour lenses to support Dyslexia for my child, who also has a diagnosis of verbal Dyspraxia. During the examination, I was very impressed with how much my child’s reading and speech improved when using the coloured lenses prescribed. Over the 4 yrs, we have seen a vast improvement in my child’s schoolwork and speech development. As my child has got older they have felt more self-conscious about wearing coloured lenses, so we have moved to a mesh lens prescribed, which is working just as well. The team have been professional and supportive during all of our visits and I trust them completely. They always advise what is best for the individual and provide a personal service."

Tony Dennison Sep 2020

"Thank you so much for your fantastic service. Mr Bhojani is pure gold my children had a great eye test, tinted lenses are fantastic, would recommend them to anyone who needs a first-class eye test best I’ve ever seen the Baines family".

Mrs Baines 3/01/2015

"7 reading levels in 12 months, real friendly caring staff".

Mrs Digby 4/12/2014

"Excellent service and now helped with my work. Thanks".

RD 25/10/2014

"Thank you very much for the advice, assessment and fantastic glasses for my son. The colour assessment has made a big difference to Will’s day to day life."

Mrs Dixon 25/01/2014

"Came to Visual Answers for a check regarding a colour assessment initially. We were found out Lotus had the wrong prescription from her previous optician: having got over the initial shock we can now say we are very happy with her new glasses.

Our daughter loves her glasses and we have noticed such an improvement. I felt Mr Bhojani was most polite, professional and good at his job. We will and actually have returned with other family members."

Mrs Atkin 8/08/2014

"Would highly recommend coloured lenses for children as my child has achieved two levels up in his work last year since having them. The service is quick and the cost is outweighed by your child’s achievements."

Mrs Beadman-Prior 9/08/2014

"Would recommend tinted glasses, very thorough test and have seen a massive difference since I have started to wear them".

Jessica Hill 26/08/2014

"Our daughter Jessica needed tinted lenses to help her with her reading. Her eyes were tested for two pairs of glasses. The service we received was very good, the staff are very pleasant and helpful. Would certainly recommend using them, thank you."

J. Robinson 6/09/2014

"We have been to have a colour test today for my 7-year-old who has recently been diagnosed with dyslexia. The service here has been excellent and we feel very positive that his new glasses will be helpful".

Mrs Cooper 20/09/2014

"Wearing tints has totally changed my son’s life, he no longer has headaches or feels sick after a lot of reading. His English grade at school went up two grades in a term and all his school work has improved very significantly. Listening to him read is, like listening to a different child and his handwriting has improved. The best result of this is that his confidence has doubled in the short time he has been using overlays and his tints. If the government doesn’t think this exists they should come and talk to the parents and teachers of the children involved and they would see what a difference tints make to their lives.”

Sam's mum (aged 10) 

"Since having my new tinted glasses the words don't move around anymore"

JL (aged 10)

"The coloured overlays you prescribed Charlotte has improved her reading speed and comprehension substantially - thank you so much"

Charlotte's mum (aged 13)

“The level of service at Visual Answers is fantastic. Having been a patient for many years, I am consistently impressed by the professionalism of every staff member I have come in contact with. Thank you!


“In this day and age, it’s hard to find a company you can trust. Visual Answers was recommended to me by a friend, and now I know why – the quality of service I received was outstanding and the coloured glasses allow me to concentrate for far longer at the office. Keep up the good work!”


“I never cease to be surprised by the remarkable specificity with which certain individuals choose a colour optimum for the clarity of text. The colour usually remains similar when you re-test these people weeks or months later. If the colour differs from the chosen optimum by a small amount then reading fluency is adversely affected”

Statement Professor Arnold Wilkins

DPhil CPsycol FBPsS FRSM Hon.FCOpom

“The Intuitive Colorimeter and Precision Tints have become a key instrument for optometrists who care for people with learning difficulties.”

Statement Professor Bruce Evans