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New Treatment For Photosensitive Migraine

Posted on 3 November, 2014 at 4:00 Comments comments (401)
colour lenses for dyslexiaMigraine has many triggers including stress, certain foods and hormones. Research has found 40% of migraine attacks may be visually induced by flickering light or ‘blue-light’ from LED’s including screens, tablets and smart phones; made worse when viewing high contrast patterns whilst reading.
Findings in the US by neuroscientists, using brain imaging showed that by suppressing ‘excitable’ areas of the visual cortex in the brain reduced visual migraine when precision-tinted lenses were worn in front of the eyes.
Lenses were prescribed using an Initiative Colorimeter that allows over 120 000 specific colour options. The same instrument is used in the treatment of Visual Stress which often results in movement of words when reading. Visual Stress is linked to ‘Dyslexia’ – a term often used to refer to reading problems that are not due to teaching. To have a colorimetry
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